[ntp:questions] Creating a socket per address in the ifnet list

Abhiram abhi.r.143 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 26 07:21:40 UTC 2010

When NTP is initializing it binds to WILD CARD v4 and v6 addresses.
During the process, it retrieves ifnet list from kernel and creates a
socket for each entry in the ifnet list. If there is a scaled
configuration, i.e., Assume 1000 addresses are created on an interface
then ntpd is going to create 1000 sockets. This doesn't scale well and
it seems like this is not the best way to handle this.

My questions:

a. Why is a socket being created/maintained for each element/address
in the ifnet list?
b. Is n't it possible to handle all the packets with WILD CARD

Can someone in the group with NTP expertise please respond with your
valuable insights?


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