[ntp:questions] noise and stability values

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Fri Aug 27 05:13:29 UTC 2010


Please see the Event Messages and Status Codes ant the ntpq pages in the 
documentation in your release.


Jaap Winius wrote:

>Hi folks,
>A few years ago I started graphing my NTP server's performance. The 
>machine ran Debian lenny with ntp v4.2.4. However, after recently 
>upgrading to squeeze, which comes with ntp v4.2.6, I noticed that two 
>system variables included in my graphs -- noise and stability -- are no 
>longer present: neither in the output of "ntpq -c rv", nor in its 
>associated manual, ntpq.html, which is part of the ntp-doc package. Well, 
>actually the noise variable wasn't mentioned in the previous version of 
>the manual either (dated July 28, 2005), but is was present in the output 
>from the above command.
>So, can ntpq no longer be used to examine a system's noise and stability 
>variables, or is it currently necessary to use different command?
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