[ntp:questions] noise and stability values

Jaap Winius jwinius at umrk.nl
Fri Aug 27 23:03:51 UTC 2010

On Fri, 27 Aug 2010 05:13:29 +0000, David L. Mills wrote:

> Please see the Event Messages and Status Codes ant the ntpq pages in the
> documentation in your release.

I'm sorry, but unless they've been renamed, I don't see any mention of 
noise or stability values (in milliseconds) in my copy of the ntpq 
documentation page (dated 30-Apr-2010 23:13 UTC). Also, how any Event 
Messages and/or Status Words (codes) might be used to produce this 
information, that's not obvious to me either.

A further hint or two would be much appreciated.



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