[ntp:questions] Issues with Linux 2.6.x and LinuxPPS

Venu Gopal neo.venu at gmail.com
Mon Aug 30 11:23:26 UTC 2010

Dear Friends,

I would like to know about any specific configuration settings needed for
latest Linux kernels.

I am using Linux-2.6.35-2 with ntp-4.2.6p2. Following are the observations:

1. It takes a couple of hours for time to settle down to few usec.
2. Once the offset settles to few usec I restarted NTPD out of curiosity and
hoping it'll
take less time to settle now. But it doesn't happen and takes another couple
of hours.

I've never seen such behavior with Linux-2.4.x and PPSKit setup.

Am I missing something here? I've seen a similar query in the mailing list.
I've disabled ACPI for processor, selected 100Hz (CONFIG_HZ_100=y)
I expect similar problems might have been experience by many people here
so do share the specific configuration settings.


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