[ntp:questions] Palisade Reference Clock

Chris H ntp at archnetnz.com
Tue Aug 31 10:17:06 UTC 2010

> We have an Acutime 2000, which has pretty much just worked since we bought 
> it in 2005.  We haven't felt the urge to do anything to the firmware, and 
> I've no idea what it's running -- whatever was current at the time.

Just looking at the bug fixes between 7.02 and 7.12, I thought it was a
good idea to upgrade... now I regret it :( hence my request from anyone
to get 7.10 firmware again.

> Have you tried running the (Windows-only?) configuration tool?  What does it
> say about the acutime?  Remember to run it on the *other* RS232 port on the
> bottom-end converter box from the one you normally connect ntpd to.

Yeha -- everything is working correctly, both ports are giving data.

> Have you tried running the daemon in debugging mode, per the driver29.html 
> page?  What does that say?  We found that quite useful on the one occasion 
> where we had any problem with our unit.

I still get clk_noreply... :(

> The only occasion that I recall having any problems at all was when we 
> replaced the linux host with a faster machine, and we came to the 
> conclusion that either the serial hardware was "different" or the new box 
> was simply now pulsing the timestamp-me line too quickly.  As a quick hack 
> workaround I simply duplicated the two ioctl()s in the driver which toggled 
> the relevant control line.  It might be worth checking whether there's 
> anything in the code like that...

I have been leant a Serial Port Analyser..

I can see the pulse per second coming into the unit, and I can see the
data on the screen.

When I run palisade_monitor or tsipchat or anything, the whole thing
comes to life, both DTE and DCE all go green, and I can see packet flow
in both directions... however when ntp is running, it appears the comm
port does not 'become active' like it does when running tsipchat or
palisade_monitor, or anything like that..

And all I can see in inbound RD light blink green.

When I run palisade_monitor.exe and select Port A and select
View/Diagnostics and click Update, I can see RTS (on DTE side) and CTS
(On DCE side) go from green to red. When I click up the update button, I
can see the green link blink, but cant see the output packets on the

I will keep looking, but if anyone else has experience with the HP
analyser, and used one to diagnose problems, please let me know too :)


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