[ntp:questions] Palisade Reference Clock

George Ross gdmr at inf.ed.ac.uk
Tue Aug 31 10:34:46 UTC 2010

> > Have you tried running the daemon in debugging mode, per the driver29.html 
> > page?  What does that say?  We found that quite useful on the one occasion 
> > where we had any problem with our unit.
> I still get clk_noreply... :(

You should see the driver logging what it's doing though, which might help 
narrow down where the problem is.  (You might have to rebuild the daemon 
with DEBUG turned on, if it isn't already.)  As I said, we found this 
pretty useful.  refclock_palisade.c is the place to look to see what it all 

> I have been leant a Serial Port Analyser..
> HP4925A
> I can see the pulse per second coming into the unit, and I can see the
> data on the screen.

You should see the daemon toggling RTS, and you should see the clock 
sending back its timestamp in response.
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