[ntp:questions] what happens with overload on system for NTP

Ananth Shenoy ananth_shenoy_y at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 9 14:34:22 UTC 2010

NTP version 4.2.0

I'am currently working on a problem on NTP. NTP log files show lot of drift.. The offset and frequency keep increasing and once the frequency rises above 500ppm the NTP displays error message.

frequency error 513 PPM exceeds tolerance 500 PPM

we see the offset bouncing around in +ve and -ve values sometimes high and low.

what could be the cause of this ?

Also, what are the effects of heavy load on the system ?
If suppose NTP is running on low priority and some high priority processes continously preempt NTP from getting the CPU what will happen.  Will then calculations of offset go wrong ?
If it was calculating the offset in process_packet function, and it got pre-empted and got the CPU after a while, what will happen to the calculations ?


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