[ntp:questions] NTP.conf using Dave Hart code.

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Tue Feb 9 21:08:25 UTC 2010

"BK" <bkreiger at sigmatechcorp.com> wrote in message 
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> It really doesn't matter to me if I install the serialPPS driver or
> not.  From your discussion it appears using the serialPPS driver is
> more accurate than the NMEA driver? Does that make it a better choice
> or is that just making it more confusing?

I would suggest starting without, and adding it in once you are confident 
that NTP is working correctly, and you feel you have a good "handle" on 
managing it.  Although the jitter as reported by NTP is lowered, the 
actual offset seems to be little different on the Windows systems I've 

> And I really appreciate your help, I have been trying to research this
> as much as possible on the internet, but I am having a little
> difficulty because it appears that there are a fair number of
> differences between the Linux usage of PPS and the windows PPS, etc.

Yes, quite a lot of differences.  I put together a rather mixed bag of 
notes here:


in case that helps.


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