[ntp:questions] NTP.conf using Dave Hart code.

BK bkreiger at sigmatechcorp.com
Tue Feb 9 13:53:01 UTC 2010


I am attempting to setup a new time server using GPS synchronized time
on a Windows XP SP3 box.  I started by installing the Meinburg NTP
package, which I then updated with Dave Hart's NTP code, and then I
put Dave Harts PPS dll on.  It appears to be working, however I wanted
some input to verify that my NTP.conf file is correct.

Here are my objectives:
1) The GPS and PPS signals are coming in on COM1, this seems to be
working fine.
2) I ALWAYS want to serve out time, even if it has to be the PC Clock.
3) I want the priority of syncing NTP to be:
      1 - PPS synchronized
      2 - GPS synchronized
      3 - PC Clock.

Does the following NTP.conf do this correctly? One questions is if the
prefer should be on the PPS or GPS line.

# NTP Network Time Protocol
# **** ATTENTION ****: *You have to restart the NTP service when you
change this file to activate the changes*
# Configuration File created by Windows Binary Distribution Installer
Rev.: 1.26  mbg
# please check http://www.ntp.org for additional documentation and
background information
# Use drift file
driftfile "C:\Program Files\NTP\etc\ntp.drift"

# your local system clock, could be used as a backup
# (this is only useful if you need to distribute time no matter how
good or bad it is)
# but it should operate at a high stratum level to let the clients
know and force them to
# use any other timesource they may have.
fudge stratum 5
pps stratum 1
gps stratum 2

#refclock servers
server	minpoll 4		# Atom - serialpps.sys
server	minpoll 4	prefer	# NMEA serial port

# Statistics collection
enable stats
statsdir "C:\Program Files\NTP\etc\"
statistics loopstats

Thanks for your help.

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