[ntp:questions] Does NTPClient need to be enabled for clients

Richard B. Gilbert rgilbert88 at comcast.net
Thu Feb 11 21:08:07 UTC 2010

Jorge Silva wrote:
> Sounds that you're all choosing the incorrect router...
> If you're a home user, and with Linksys router I believe that you're, 
> try out SMC... -:) Forget that Linksys is Cisco based - LOL
> Otherwise ask Paul's $100K Router Vendor :)

The Linksys BEFR81 has served me well for the last eight or nine years. 
  Even if I could afford a "real" router e.g. a Cisco SOHO router, 
there's not a thing it could do for me to justify the *very* substantial 
I would also have to purchase another eight port switch since the Cisco 
box would ONLY act as a router.  Comcast provides routing along with the 
bandwidth I'm paying for.

What could I expect from an SMC router/switch that the Linksys box does 
not do?

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