[ntp:questions] Befuddled and confused, again...

Dave Baxter spam at goes.nowhere.com
Sun Feb 14 14:52:17 UTC 2010

Hi All.

Been trying (again) to setup a FreeBSD GPSDNTP server, as I want to use 
the currently used Win2k (With the Meinberg binary etc) box for 
something else, having found that running anything else "significant" on 
it, "distrubes" the NTPD system somewhat.  Nothing wrong with the 
Meinberg system (far from it in fact) it's just that I need that machine 
to replace an older PC that has finaly expired, so as I have another 
with no OS on it, I thought I'd go the FreeBSD route this time.

I did manage to follow through the instructions about a year ago, and 
they worked fine on the PC I hijacked at that time to play with (someone 
at work eventualy threw out that PC while I wasn't looking, sadly it was 
too badly damaged in the process to reclaim!)  Now trying to retrace my 
stept I get errors trying to rebuild the kernel to support PPS.

I'm using the information on David Taylors Satsignal site
in respect to recompiling to get PPS support in the Kernel, using the 
exact same version of FreeBSD as I used before 

I have to admit to being somewhat confused by the linked instructions at 
freebsd.org, and the comments from others on DT's site.  Lots of 
assumption that the readers know what they are talking about!

FreeBSD installed OK (on the third attempt, due to my finger trouble) 
and seems happy, ie, it appears it can do all the usual things, I think, 
at least it can ping Auntie Beeb OK.

The PC this time, is a Gateway E-1400 small format desktop (nice and 
quiet!) with 256MEG RAM & a P3 700MHz CPU (same memory size as the 
earlier now trashed machine.)

It's also FreeBSD V5.4 I'm using, the same one as David Taylor pointed 
me at a while ago.

The errors I'm getting occur when insalling the new kernel, relating to 
missing files or directories.  Indeed, what it is looking for, isnt 
there.   Also, I can't find /etc/make.conf!   What is the correct full 
path to that file?  I suspect this is the root (pun intended) cause of 
the trouble.  At the moment I have an etc directory listed in /usr/src 
but that does not have a make.conf in there.

Interestingly 'make buildkernel ...' appears to work fine, it completes 
with no error that I can tell anyway.

But 'make installkernel ...' fails with the directory not found errors.

Yes, I'm logged into the box as root, full (AFIK) rights and privilages 
etc.   Other than that, I'm a total Noob at F'BSD, so apologies etc, 

What have I done wrong this time?

Lastly.  Has anyone yet produced a live boot GPSDNTP server CD?  I can 
find live boot FTP and WEB servers, Routers, NAS servers etc, but no 
time servers.


Dave B (G0WBX)

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