[ntp:questions] How to debug GPS PPS?

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Tue Feb 16 02:20:51 UTC 2010

Dave Hart wrote:
> anonymous wrote:
>> xyz-2041 wrote:
>>>> All of the Oncore startup
>>>> events are now sent to the syslog.
>>>  # find / -name "syslog"
>>>  #
> Pretty spectacular.
>>> Where is that?  Something to set up?
>> In windows?
>> eventvwr.exe
> Stunning.
> Next up: recompiling your Windows kernel for the ultimate experience!

Doesn't everyone wish.


I saw the
 xyz-2041 wrote:
 > Plugged in the GPS unit's serial cable into a Windows
 >  computer running WinOncore12 v1.0 (Build 37) ...
 > Seemed to work without any problems.
 >  Generated all sort of graphs and charts...
 > Does anyone have any idea what I might check next?

 Guessed that might be what he was looking for,
  since it is different from /etc/syslog.conf, /etc/rsyslog.conf
  /var/adm/messages, /var/log/messages,
  tail -f /var/adm/messages, ...

Then again perhaps he meant the
  STATUS /var/log/ntp/ONCORE


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