[ntp:questions] NTP for iPhone

casebash walkraft at gmail.com
Wed Feb 17 00:53:43 UTC 2010

Yes, the the phone can sync with the phone towers. However, I do want
to try to support iPod touch if possible and from my what I've seen/
what I've heard the phone towers are only accurate to within a few
seconds and not always reliable.

On Feb 17, 10:57 am, Danny Mayer <ma... at ntp.org> wrote:
> casebash wrote:
> > I am building an iPhone application that needs to ensure thats its
> > time is accurate to a fraction of a second. I am considering setting
> > up the devices to check the time on startup using the NTP protocol (or
> > maybe the simple NTP protocol).
> > 1) Are there any NTP libraries for the iPhone?
> > 2) It was suggested to me that I could pull code from OpenNTPD or
> > perhaps another c project (the iPhone supports c code). About how much
> > work would it take to make this work on the iPhone given I have no
> > experience with NTP?
> > 3) Any other advice?
> I suspect using the ntpd for the Mac would get you most of the way
> there. I have no clue if there would be compile problems or run problems
> but I believe that Apple would make their iPhone O/S as close as
> possible to what they run on the Mac.
> Danny
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