[ntp:questions] NTP for iPhone

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Wed Feb 17 04:15:05 UTC 2010

casebash wrote:
> Yes, the the phone can sync with the phone towers.
>  However, I do want to try to support iPod touch if
>  possible and from my what I've seen / what I've heard
>  the phone towers are only accurate to within a few
>  seconds and not always reliable.


 CDMA is used as a source for some Stratum One servers.  e.g.

There have been at least three iPhone / IPod Touch apps
 that claim use NTP: Emerald, Clockulous, wickedpsyched

The iPhone has GPS, it could be used as a time source?

GSM NITZ is apparently supported by AT&T, Cingular, T-Mobile;
 However, it seems service provider support in the rest of
  the world is lacking?

I've seen reports of people running openNTPd on iPhones
 (after JailBreaking them).

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