[ntp:questions] Synchronization and Non-Synchronization status

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Mon Feb 22 20:40:33 UTC 2010

Jaiprabhu wrote:
> BlackLists wrote:
>> <http://www.cis.udel.edu/~mills/ntp/html/miscopt.html#trap>
>> <http://www.cis.udel.edu/~mills/database/rfc/rfc1305/rfc1305c.pdf>
>> either System Status Word
>>  Leap Indicator (LI): 11 alarm condition (clock not synchronized)
>>         Clock Source: ...
>> ...
> This helps and I was probably wrong. I think what I am
>  interested in is the "System Status Word" because I want
>  the overall state of the system.
> I think then even the following can also be added to the
>  list of indicators?
> [...]
> Clock Source: This is a six-bit integer indicating the
>  current synchronization source, with values coded as follows:
>                0        unspecified or unknown
> 	[...]
> [...]

I think "0 unspecified or unknown" is in the Clock Status Word.
 The trap doesn't send that back, it does send Clock Source,
  in the System Status Word;
The Clock Source Field displays the current synchronization
 source coded as follows:.
Code Message         Description
0    sync_unspec     not yet synchronized
1    sync_pps        pulse-per-second signal (Cs, Ru, GPS, etc.)
2    sync_lf_radio   VLF/LF radio (WWVB, DCF77, etc.)
3    sync_hf_radio   MF/HF radio (WWV, etc.)
4    sync_uhf_radio  VHF/UHF radio/satellite (GPS, Galileo, etc.)
5    sync_local      local timecode (IRIG, LOCAL driver, etc.)
6    sync_ntp        NTP
7    sync_other      other (IEEE 1588, openntp, crony, etc.)
8    sync_wristwatch eyeball and wristwatch
9    sync_telephone  telephone modem (ACTS, PTB, etc.)

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