[ntp:questions] GPS_NEMA, but high offset and jitter?

Rob nomail at example.com
Thu Feb 25 09:52:46 UTC 2010

Kelsey Cummings <kgc at sonic.net> wrote:
> Hal Murray wrote:
>> How about turning off the PPS fudge flag so you know you are
>> using the text mode.  Then watch it for a while and add a
>> fudge time2 to get it reasonably close.  When that works,
>> turn the PPS back on.
> I added time2 to zero out the offset and things looked good for about an 
> hour.  Then the offset jumps 55ms and the GPS deselected.

This is normal with NMEA.  You never will get stable time when using
an NMEA time source.  For that, you need PPS.  Your PPS is apparently
not working.

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