[ntp:questions] Is dispersion > jitter in all situations

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Mon Jan 4 20:47:35 UTC 2010

On 1/4/2010 7:30 AM, B wrote:
> An indicator of expecting time is important and I know
>  about the error bounds, but I want to use a value(jitter)
>  as an indicator of the expecting time relative offset.
> The jitter isn't introduced before NTPv4 and where I am
>  doing my master thesis they are using NTPv3(RFC-1305).
> Is it possible to use dispersion relative offset as an
>  indicator of expecting time?
> My idea, peer.dispersion represents the maximum error in
>   offset and maximum error of half the roundtrip delay.
>  If dispersion is bigger than jitter, ie jitter is bounded
>   by dispersion, then dispersion could be used as an
>   indicator of expecting time relative offset.


Dispersion is, the diff to stratum 0 (UTC).

Offset is the diff to combined offset from the selected
 truechimer peers reference times.

 Jitter is relative to that combined peer offset,
  not to strat 0 (UTC).

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