[ntp:questions] Client doesn't drop failed source

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Fri Jan 8 21:41:07 UTC 2010

On 1/8/2010 12:45 PM, Michael Moroney wrote:
> Now the question: For the next test, we disconnect the
>   LAN cable of the selected primary clock, and we expect
>   the next poll to fail and the client to give up on it
>   and to select the other primary clock.
>  No, we just see the time from the last poll incrementing
>   well beyond the poll interval (1024 seconds) but the
>   disconnected clock still selected as primary!
>  When we connect the cable it fails over to the other primary.
> How do we get the system to fail over to another clock
>  if the one it was using fails?  The system isn't a Unix
>  (OpenVMS) it does use Unix type NTP commands/programs
>  (ntpq, ntpdate, ntpdc)

I suspect you will have to supply your .conf file,
 or otherwise explain your minclock minsane prefer, ...
 settings, if you want many useful answers.

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