[ntp:questions] Date Jumped

Richard B. Gilbert rgilbert88 at comcast.net
Wed Jan 13 14:20:21 UTC 2010

Matt Nordhoff wrote:
> Maynard wrote:
>> On 1/7/10, the date on our domain controller jumped to 12/7/10, and
>> was there for about 11 minutes before it reverted back to the current
>> date.  At the time this happened, our NTP server was pointed to
>> pool.ntp.org.  We also have a few Novell servers that were pointed to
>> the same IP addresses as our Server 2003 Domain Controller, and the
>> NTP server for our Novell network also jumped ahead.  Are we the only
>> ones that had this issue on this day?  Or are there others out there
>> that experienced the same problem on the 7th.  Thanks
> Hold on a second... Supposing you only use 1 NTP server, and it somehow
> winds up 11 months off (which is unlikely), wouldn't your NTP client
> freak out and exit because it's way over the 1000 second limit?

Using a single server suggests that correct time is a convenience rather 
than a requirement.  That's perfectly okay if that is your situation.

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