[ntp:questions] Service won't start on system boot

David Shere dshere at steelerubber.com
Thu Jan 14 14:11:30 UTC 2010

I use NTP on an Ubuntu Hardy (8.04) server.  I have a problem where I 
start up the machine and NTP is running, but not responding to queries. 
  I test with "ntpq -p" and get "No association ID's returned."  I 
restart the service, and run "ntpq -p" again, and get normal output. 
This scenario in chronological order, and my configuration, is here:


I also get the same results if I wait five to ten minutes after the 
server has started and perform these tests then.

This is similar to a problem I was having with this system a while back 
where the service would act normally on boot, but eventually (within 3-4 
days) become non-responsive like this, and then return to normal after 
the service was restarted.

Any suggestions or things I need to read up on would be greatly appreciated.

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