[ntp:questions] Timekeeping broken on Windows XP with multimedia timer enabled (-M option)

Alan greigaln at netscape.net
Wed Jan 20 17:19:17 UTC 2010

Here's what I see from clockres without the -M option on

Max 15.625 ms
Minimum 1.000 ms
Current 15.625 ms

However when I turn -M on the bottom line changes to Current 0.977 ms

Is that really correct as even I can tell 0.977 is less than the 
"minimun" 1.000 ms" in the previous line?

Evandro Menezes wrote:
> On Jan 20, 8:23 am, Martin Burnicki <martin.burni... at meinberg.de>
> wrote:
>> I've written a little tool which can reports clock frequency for the QPC
>> API:http://www.meinberg.de/download/utils/windows/wclkres-1.2.zip
> Or just run this Microsoft tool from the command-line:
> \\live.sysinternals.com\tools\clockres
> It's also available from http://live.sysinternals.com/Tools/Clockres.exe

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