[ntp:questions] Simple but good NTP server

David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.delete-this-bit.and-this-part.co.uk.invalid
Mon Jan 25 16:06:06 UTC 2010

"David Lord" <snews at lordynet.org> wrote in message 
news:7s5qdoF6l4U1 at mid.individual.net...
> Not yet using this but have a 20 quid+vat router type board here
> from Omnima.co.uk that has ADM5120P chip, wan + 4xlan ethernet,
> 2xusb but serial need some wiring. Will run Linux and can be
> supplied with Squidge on CD, also for me will run NetBSD. Bit on
> top end for power

That looks very neat - you could get the enclosure from them, and perhaps 
the power adaptor as well.  I do wonder, though, whether by the time 
you've bought that, you might have paid as much as for a low-end router?

> There's also an ARM based device for under 30quid that will run
> from power via USB connection, but wouldn't be as easy to get
> going for what I need although with more onboard flash and ram.
> Google for "bifferboard"
> ! Bifferboard. 150MHz CPU, Intel 486SX instruction set,
> ! MMU. 1 watt power consumption (200mA @5v);
> ! 68mm x 28mm x 21mm (weight 28g); 32MB SDRAM/8MB Flash
> I was worried that SX might be npu deficient and may cause
> problems. Both my 486sx have addon 486dx for npu.
> David

Now the "bifferboard" is exceptionally neat!  Would hang off the back of a 
PC or could be powered from my existing power box for the GPS 18 LVC.  You 
get something like that working with the GPS 18 and you could sell me one! 
(Or one of the Omnima boxed and ready to go).  Noted about the lack of 
numeric co-processor, though.


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