[ntp:questions] Simple but good NTP server

Jan Ceuleers janspam.ceuleers at skynet.be
Mon Jan 25 17:51:17 UTC 2010

Terje Mathisen wrote:
> The canonical DIY ntp server would be to base them on phk's choice, the
> Soekris single-board computer:
> http://phk.freebsd.dk/soekris/pps/
> Since this board has a hw counter capable of accurately timing the PPS
> signals,Poul-Henning got it to run at sub-us accuracy, using a cheap
> timing GPS.

A few more points:

- It does not explicitly say so at the page above, but the Soekris model that Poul-Henning used was the 4501. I've only got 4801s and they're not as good for timing.

- The results shown on the above page are of a 4501 that has been significantly hacked by adding a Rubidium oscillator to the mix. Not for the faint hearted and not cheap either.

- The net4501 costs €136 for the board and case. Add €15 for the power supply. Then add around €100 for a GPS riming receiver and another $1700 for the Rubidium standard. Admittedly the latter is optional if your needs are modest.

Cheers, Jan

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