[ntp:questions] Change reference clock soon afterDCF-signalislost

Matuschka, Sebastian Sebastian.Matuschka at gcd-solutions.de
Fri Jul 16 11:11:51 UTC 2010

>> Sorry, i forgot to mention an important thing:
>> The DCF-77 Signal is generated by a precise clock that is connected via
>> fiber optics to the device the ntpd runs at.
>> The distance isn't very long, so i can expect that the signal is very
>> precisely and there is no jitter nor any (relevant) offset.
>> So, it has not really has anything to do with a normal DCF-77 receiver.
>> I hope my questions make more sense now :)

>And you are using the DCF-77 driver why? Seems like one of the more
>inapproriate drivers to use. I would have used the shm driver instead.

I'm using the DCF-77 driver because i need the time and date information in the DCF-77 signal.
I will have a look at the shm driver, thanks for the hint. Do you mean that i should use this driver together with the dcf77d?

>You are also still hiding stuff and expecting us to guess.
That's absolutely not my intention. I just want to write only the things that are relevant, so people don't have to read so much they decide to not read it at all.
What could be of intereset for you? What can i explain to help you helping me?
Sorry if anything is missing, i really don't want that.

Best Regards

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