[ntp:questions] Change reference clock soon afterDCF-signalislost

John Hasler jhasler at newsguy.com
Fri Jul 16 11:56:59 UTC 2010

Matuschka, Sebastian writes:
> No, it really is a DCF-77 signal.

But earlier you wrote:
> The DCF-77 Signal is generated by a precise clock that is connected
> via fiber optics to the device the ntpd runs at.  The distance isn't
> very long, so i can expect that the signal is very precisely and there
> is no jitter nor any (relevant) offset.  So, it has not really has
> anything to do with a normal DCF-77 receiver.

So evidently no DCF-77 receiver or signal is involved: you are just
using the DCF-77 format to deliver the time from some sort of a
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