[ntp:questions] w32time

Mr Dave Baxter g8kbv at uko2.co.uk
Fri Jun 18 09:36:12 UTC 2010

Hi All.

As people on here seem to know about all this, a question if I may.

This came up while in discussion with another party, in regards to 
potential "steps" in time caused by allowing w32time to do the job, 
instead of a custom app, or "feature" in yet another program.

What I'd like to ask, is how does w32time manipulate the local PC's 

Does it just set the updated time into the system at each poll (about 8 
in 18 hours the last time I looked)

Or does it tweak the tick rate, to bring the local clock behaviour into 
line with the reference source (in this case, a GPS/PPS derrived local 
NTP server) elsewhere on the LAN (one switch away.)

Or, a combination of the above.

Are there known differences between the different versions of Windows? 
(2k, XP, Vista, 7 etc)

Cheers All.

Dave B.

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