[ntp:questions] w32time

David Woolley david at ex.djwhome.demon.invalid
Fri Jun 18 21:35:26 UTC 2010

David J Taylor wrote:

> Early versions of W32time (up to XP, but I'm not 100% sure) just stepped 
> the clock, with a default update interval of 8 days.  Over a week!  
> Later versions (Server 2003 and later, I believe) had more NTP-like 
> behaviour, but did not conform to the management protocols of NTP (so 
> you can't check the offset), didn't use ntp.conf, couldn't be used as 
> ref-clocks, and likely didn't conform in dozens of other respects.

As far as I know, even the current version needs extensive 
reconfiguration before it behaves like NTP.  I don't know if stepping 
version frequency control is one of those configuration options, but I 
doubt that frequency control is a safe option with very long poll 
intervals, which may get missed.

> As the reference version of NTP was available for Windows by then, 

The reference version was available for the Windows NT family long 
before W32Time.  It was available for versions of NT that never had W32Time.

> replacing W32time with reference NTP was an obvious automatic first step 
> after installing Windows.

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