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On 2010-06-18, Richard B. Gilbert <rgilbert88 at comcast.net> wrote:
> David J Taylor wrote:
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>>> The fact that niether the reference implementation nor w32time have
>>> direct support for SNMP, a *far* more widely used and documented
>>> managment standard, would seem to be another way to look at "who has a
>>> problem." Windows Group Policy and WMI comprise a far more widley
>>> "accepted management standard" than NTP mode 6/7 packets in any case.
>> I would welcome SNMP in NTP and have said so on a number of occasions.
>> []
>>> I agree, when you *need* ntpd features for specific applications. I
>>> recommend w32time when you don't, as that is the simlpest from an
>>> operational perspective. Keep it simple.
>> In the cases I have seen recently, W32time simply isn't good enough.  
>> One set of users are looking for sub-second accuracy (a lot with Windows 
>> XP), and another set for about millisecond accuracy using Windows.  The 
>> former can be reference NTP over the Internet, and the latter reference 
>> NTP with a local GPS source.
>>>> RFC1305 refers to NTP v3, by the way, but I think most are now on NTP 
>>>> v4.
>>> There is still no published RFC for NTPv4. Alternative implementers
>>> cannot be expected to read the source code of the reference
>>> implementation and track it for compatibiltiy and work-alike behavior.
>> Completely agreed.  "You can read the source code" is no substitute for 
>> a proper specification and test profile.
>> Cheers,
>> David
> I seem to recall that it has been a year or two since NTP v4 was 
> released.  At last reports a committee (God Help Us) was working on a 
> draft of a new RFC for NTP.
> A question for the committee if I may: "When does the vapor condense?"

I think your timescale is wrong. I think it has been almost a decade.
Fortunately there is very little difference between 3 and 4.

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