[ntp:questions] Clock and Network Simulator

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Mon Jun 28 17:35:34 UTC 2010


How is your simulator different than the one included in the NTP 
software distribution? It was intended primarily to test and evaluate 
the in-situ NTP algorithms under real world conditions. Your simulator 
might have a different purpose.


Miroslav Lichvar wrote:

>I've been working on a simulator that I think might be useful for NTP
>developers and advanced users looking for optimal configurations. 
>clknetsim is a clock and network simulator designed for testing
>unmodified NTP servers and clients. The NTP applications have all
>necessary system functions related to networking and clocks replaced
>by LD_PRELOAD mechanism and are clients of clknetsim server which
>provides access to the virtual network and clocks.
>Unicast and broadcast modes are supported. Network delays and clock
>frequencies are configured with Lisp-style expressions, there are
>several random number generators and waveforms available. It's also
>possible to use a file with pregenerated or measured values as a
>>From NTP applications, currently supported are Linux ntpd and chronyd.

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