[ntp:questions] Trimble Resolution SMT status

Marc Leclerc marc-leclerc at signaturealpha.com
Sat May 8 18:06:42 UTC 2010


I suspect I have an anthena connection problem, ntpq -> cl reports 
baddata=1 + ILLEGAL DATE. It also outputs status=0x0015. There is no 
description of the status value in the doc I have, would anyone know 
what the status value of 0x0015 is and even better where can I find the 
description of those.

ntpq> cl
associd=0 status=0x0015,
device="Trimble GPS (TSIP) receiver", timecode="\x10\x13/\x10\x03",
poll=19, noreply=0, badformat=0, baddata=1, fudgetime1=20.000,
stratum=0, refid=GPS, flags=0, refclock_time="<UNDEFINED>",
refclock_status="", refclock_format="Trimble TSIP",
refclock_states="NOMINAL: 00:00:01 (0.08%); *ILLEGAL DATE: 00:19:38 
(99.91%); running time: 00:19:39",
trimble_version="0.8 (1909/4/2)"


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