[ntp:questions] Local time sources

David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk.invalid
Tue May 11 08:46:17 UTC 2010

"Jaap Winius" <> wrote in message 
news:4be85b0e$0$6761$e4fe514c at dreader14.news.xs4all.nl...
> Okay, I think this answers my question. I've been running a Garmin GPS 
> 18
> LVC for a few years now...
>   http://www.rjsystems.nl/en/2100-ntpd-garmin-gps-18-lvc-gpsd.php
> What this page does not say is that my configuration also includes a
> DFC77 receiver. This long-wave radio time signal receiver is an order of
> magnitude less precise than the GPS receiver, but it has already proved
> its value several times in terms of redundancy: twice when the GPS fell
> from the skylight following a suction-cup failure, and once when gpsd
> failed to function properly after an update. That's great, but the point
> is that there's not much else to it.
> Thanks,
> Jaap

Indeed, having that backup has been worthwhile for you.

I do like your Web page, and added a pointer to it from mine - I made a 
FreeBSD write-up here:


When I bought my second GPS 18 LVC I got the X version (GPS 18x LVC) which 
is a lot more sensitive and allows better indoor operation - you may like 
to add that to your page where you say the GPS 18 LVC is now obsolete.


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