[ntp:questions] NTP 4.2.6p2-RC3 Released

NTP Public Services Project webmaster at ntp.org
Tue May 11 14:22:35 UTC 2010

Redwood City, CA - 2010/05/11 - The NTP Public Services Project
(http://support.ntp.org/) is pleased to announce that NTP 4.2.6p2-RC3,
a Release Candidate of the NTP Reference Implementation from the
NTP Project, is now available at http://www.ntp.org/downloads.html and

File-size: 4353829 bytes

MD5 sum: 7b3051301fa07174c26428c2fcef4ea8

Bug Fixes:

* [Bug 1541] Fix wrong keyword for "maxclock".
* [Bug 1512] ntpsnmpd should connect to net-snmpd via a unix-domain
  socket by default.  Provide a command-line 'socket name' option.
* [Bug 1325] unreachable code in sntp recv_bcst_data().
* [Bug 1538] update refclock_nmea.c's call to getprotobyname().
* [Bug 1459] sntp MD5 authentication does not work with ntpd.
* [Bug 1552] update and complete broadcast and crypto features in sntp.
* [Bug 1553] sntp/configure.ac OpenSSL support.

Other Changes:

* Simplify hash client code by providing OpenSSL EVP_*() API when built
  without OpenSSL.  (from ntp-dev)
* Do not depend on ASCII values for ('A' - '0'), ('a' - '0') in sntp.
* Windows compiling hints/winnt.html update from G. Sunil Tej.
* Escape unprintable characters in a refid in ntpq -p billboard.

Please report any bugs, issues, or desired enhancements at

The NTP (Network Time Protocol) Public Services Project, which is
hosted by Internet Systems Consortium, Inc. (http://www.isc.org/),
provides support and additional development resources for the
Reference Implementation of NTP produced by the NTP Project

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