[ntp:questions] local vs Windows Server 2003

David Lord snews at lordynet.org
Thu May 13 15:17:01 UTC 2010

David J Taylor wrote:
> "David Lord" <snews at lordynet.org> wrote in message 
> news:852fvpF4p5U1 at mid.individual.net...
> []
>> Alas bear.zoo.bt.co.uk is no
>> longer available and BT corporate seem to be getting time
>> from my servers :-)
>> David
> I hope you can charge them for the privilege!
> Could buy a few GPS pucks or radio clocks for you!

I wish I could charge Turk Telecom - I get hit on pool dns
rotation about once a month, 12000 requests in 10 minutes
and 15000 requests over 30 minutes are two highest counts
I've seen.

 From use I made of bear.zoo BT are welcome to make use of my
server, but I hope the birds nest of wiring, still using
chocolate bloc, that is my MSF stratum 1, isn't being relied
on for anything critical.



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