[ntp:questions] local vs Windows Server 2003

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Fri May 14 03:42:29 UTC 2010

David Lord wrote:
> I think I found about 20 uk servers in the list here

For more recent NTP versions:

 pool uk.pool.ntp.org


 pool 0.uk.pool.ntp.org
 pool 1.uk.pool.ntp.org
 pool 2.uk.pool.ntp.org
 pool 3.uk.pool.ntp.org

For older NTP versions:

 server uk.pool.ntp.org


 server 0.uk.pool.ntp.org
 server 1.uk.pool.ntp.org
 server 2.uk.pool.ntp.org
 server 3.uk.pool.ntp.org


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