[ntp:questions] local vs Windows Server 2003

David Lord snews at lordynet.org
Fri May 14 18:01:51 UTC 2010

Evandro Menezes wrote:
> On May 14, 1:31 am, David Lord <sn... at lordynet.org> wrote:
>> Using ntptrace also allows you to select closest and assists
>> in avoiding sources with same refids (ok those can/do change).
>> If the ISP has their own ntp server that is also likely to be
>> a good choice.
> You might try adding the stratum 1 servers from pool.ustiming.org.
> Perhaps one of its servers on the E. coast wouldn't be too far from
> you.

I'm uk based as I suspect is the OP. There are enough uk
servers in the stratum-2 list and I don't believe that
choice of server based on stratum is a particulary good
idea unless the server also happens to be close.

Average over 10 days from peer_summary monitored from another
pc on lan:

                          mean            rms             max
  PPS(2)       .PPSb.     0.000           0.003           0.025
  GPS_NMEA(2)  .GPSb.     0.022           0.793         288.798
  me6000g      .MSFa.     1.061           0.578           1.435
  k6x400       me6000g    1.563           3.480          12.714

Pool monitoring shows both servers within +/-1.5ms and
considering congestion or contention on my adsl connection
at the moment that 1.5ms doesn't seem so bad.



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