[ntp:questions] what happens when sys.peer turns stratum 16?

bombjack bombjack99 at gmail.com
Mon May 31 07:12:50 UTC 2010

First of all, thanks all for replying!

>ntpd will not change the time by more than 1,000 seconds unless you
deliberately disable the safeties.

yes, I know. ntpd is started with the -g flag, which will disable this
safety. Don't ask me why though. I was not working with this when they
came up with the config.

 >Is it not written that a man with two clocks can never be certain
what time it is?
I actually used that phrase when answering the customer :-)

Version is 4.1.1b
>If you ask me and my friend what time it is, and he says it is 12 noone,
>and I say it is 5PM, but my watch is broken, is it hard for you to
>figure out what the time is?

yea, that's what I think too. But does this holds true for ntp? if so,
maybe you are right that this might actually be a bug. But I doubt it.
This must be one of the first things to test when verifying ntp before

...and as for number of servers: the best configuration seems to be to
have a odd number of servers, right? Of course, everyone wants 64
servers, but I guess that costs gets too high at some point...

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