[ntp:questions] what happens when sys.peer turns stratum 16?

David Woolley david at ex.djwhome.demon.invalid
Mon May 31 08:36:59 UTC 2010

bombjack wrote:

> yes, I know. ntpd is started with the -g flag, which will disable this
> safety. Don't ask me why though. I was not working with this when they
> came up with the config.

What typically happens is that the standard setting prove too 
restrictive for many people (e.g. in this case during startup).  Someone 
discovers that the setting removes the restriction.  It then become part 
of the folk law and people who have no understanding of what it means 
just copy it as their internet sources say that it is the "right thing 
to do".

> Version is 4.1.1b

I don't know where the "b" comes from, but that is ancient.  I suspect 
it is so ancient that reading the current code to give an answer to the 
original question will give a wrong answer for that version.

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