[ntp:questions] what happens when sys.peer turns stratum 16?

David Woolley david at ex.djwhome.demon.invalid
Mon May 31 19:25:59 UTC 2010

Richard B. Gilbert wrote:

> The more common case is that a server fails due to something like a 
> power outrage.  When the power comes back, that server may be off by 
> several seconds, or minutes.  It may take ten to twelve hours before 
> that server is fit to serve time to any but the truly desperate!

Why is it not sending stratum 16 plus alarm?
>> What are the usual reasons for servers going crazy? 
> A power outrage is the most likely cause.  If the power is off long 
> enough for the UPS to run down it will probably take ten to twelve hours 
> to stabilize with the correct time.

So you accept that ntpd has an atrocious startup transient response?
> The next most likely is human tinkering.  Then there are the people who 
> think that a time server can be started at 8:30 AM and shut down at 5:00 
> PM Monday through Friday and still do a decent job of serving time!

Most the people wanting to operate part time systems here want to 
operate end nodes, and powering those down is the socially responsible 
thing to do.

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