[ntp:questions] ntp orphan mode without manycast or multicast or broadcast ?

Miernik, Jerzy (Jerzy) jerzy.miernik at alcatel-lucent.com
Tue Oct 12 17:08:49 UTC 2010

Orphan Mode description related to NTP Version 4 Release Notes does not require either manycast or multicast or broadcast to be configured. Is it then possible to have ntpd get into orphan mode, in a mesh, with just unicasts?
I think it should be possible to configure several servers in each client and all clients in each server, peer servers in servers, all IP addresses unicast, to have orphan mode operational, if needed. Servers could be of stratum lower by 1 than clients.

1. Could I get an expert comment if this would work?
2. Has anyone ever tried such a multi-unicast addressing for orphan mode?
3. If unicast addresses of servers are ordered in ntp.conf in ascending order of hop numbers, would ntpd try the closest servers before trying more distant ones?
4. If I still may, any config examples? Or something to avoid?
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