[ntp:questions] long linear network, time accuracy, and ntp strata

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Tue Oct 19 20:02:14 UTC 2010

Miernik, Jerzy (Jerzy) wrote:
> What if we complicated networking somewhat,
>  such that at times node50 acquires GPS capability
>  while node1 may looses it? Actually, to make the
>  problem general, any one node (possibly only one)
>  may have GPS and remain at an extremity of the network,
>  where indeed the traffic between 'outer' nodes must be
>  routed through all other 48 nodes forming a chain of 49
>  hops. So, sometimes node2 may have GPS too, like this:
> Node2 - node3 - node1 - node4 - ... - node49 - node50
> Or nodes node1, node2, node3, node4 have GPS in some
>  kind of a 'normal' network of four, with a long tail
>  (like in a kite) of 46 nodes attached to one of the four.

Ad-hoc wireless mesh network?

As long as they are all _your_ nodes on _your_ network,
  and you have bandwidth to waste;

 Config every node, with all the nodes?
  increase maxclock (lots),
  use cohort,
  and orphan?

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