[ntp:questions] What level of timesynch error is typical on Win XP?

David Woolley david at ex.djwhome.demon.invalid
Fri Oct 22 21:24:25 UTC 2010

David J Taylor wrote:

> Well, it may help the person who needs to run simulation software which 
> is Windows-based, in that if timekeeping is very important to them, it 
> suggests running Windows on a virtual machine running under an accurate 
> FreeBSD host.  I wonder whether that would provide any greater accuracy 

Windows basically is not designed for precision timing.  A VM will 
almost certainly make things worse.  If you want to run a Windows 
application on a platform with good timing, you probably need run 
something line Wine, if that is still being maintained.

Generally, though, if you are doing precision timing, you need to have a 
good understanding of the OS and hardware internals.

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