[ntp:questions] ntp architecture

konsu konrad.azzopardi at gmail.com
Mon Oct 25 12:42:45 UTC 2010

Dear ntp group,

I am quite new to ntp and am designing an ntp architecture in a 3
datacentre environment but there are so many possibilities that I
would like to get an opinion.

We have three datacentres {all within the same country} and in one of
the datacentres there is a GPS antenna to which I intend to connect an
appliance that provides ntp service.

A server in each of the three datacentres, would act as stratum 2
clocks peering each other and synchronizing to my ntp GPS appliance
{which can be called stratum 1, I guess}.

Are there any guidelines about best practices and if an architecture
like this would look good ? Then the intention is that all Linux/UNIX
servers would sync time to the stratum 2 clocks {3 in total}. If
possible can someone give me examples of config files for each of the
3 stratum 2 servers ?

Many thanks in advance

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