[ntp:questions] systems won't synchronize no matter what

David Lord snews at lordynet.org
Sat Oct 30 16:50:32 UTC 2010

David J Taylor wrote:
> "David Lord" <snews at lordynet.org> wrote in message 
> news:t06tp7-n0b.ln1 at p4x2400c.home.lordynet.org...
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>> You've hit on why it's difficult to have a generic ntp.conf.
>> It's not just ntpd version specific but operating system version
>> specific.
>> I swapped my NetBSD systems to FreeBSD after NetBSD-1.6x as I
>> couldn't get NetBSD-2 to work on my hardware. I swapped back
>> to NetBSD-3.x when I had hardware compatibility problems with
>> FreeBSD.
>> The default NetBSD ntp.conf for NetBSD 3.1 4.x and 5.1_RC4
>> are same:
>> pidfile    /var/run/ntpd.pid
>> driftfile  /var/db/ntp.drift
>> logconfig  -syncstatus
>> tos        minsane 2
>> server     0.pool.ntp.org
>> server     1.pool.ntp.org
>> server     2.pool.ntp.org
>> My own ntp.conf has restrict lines to allow config from
>> certain IP addresses and statistics logging enabled.
>> Local peers have 'minpoll 6 maxpoll 8 iburst' and are back
>> in sync within about five minutes from a restart. If all
>> peers are down, as a few weeks back when there was a BT
>> MSO, it was more like an hour before ntp was ticking again
>> (I need another couple of radioclocks to cover for this).
>> Remote servers have 'minpoll 9 maxpoll 11' except from
>> ISPs I use which have shorter minpoll and 'iburst'.
>> David
> David,
> This is growing out of all proportion to my original remark!  I simply 
> commented on the lack of an example ntp.conf file in a document. 
> Something like:
>  server  0.pool.ntp.org  iburst
>  server  1.pool.ntp.org  iburst
>  server  2.pool.ntp.org  iburst
> would have done nicely as a sample, on which you can build.  Like you, I 
> have changed minpoll and maxpoll to suit my own needs, and added various 
> other commands.  Perhaps you would agree that's it's easier to have 
> something working to start with, which you can then edit later as you 
> understand more of how things work in practice.
> Anyway - any clue on:  Why add  maxpoll 9 to all the servers?  That 
> seems wrong.  I see the note: "The option `maxpoll 9' is used to prevent 
> PLL/FLL flipping on FreeBSD.".  So is that a FreeBSD specific issue, and 
> if so, why not fix it in the OS?

Was that not fixed in a later release?

(I don't follow FreeBSD but there were similar issues at
different times with NetBSD and Linux with kernel
timekeeping that were fixed in subsequent releases)


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