[ntp:questions] Sure Electronics GPS board: Amazing performance. :-)

Uwe Klein uwe at klein-habertwedt.de
Sat Apr 2 08:17:41 UTC 2011

Terje Mathisen wrote:
> I've done some more careful inspection of the Sure GPS comms trace:
> It really looks like the GPS does _not_ listen to commands by default, 
> instead the controlling program sends a solitary '0' char to ask for 
> "permission to talk".
> About 200 ms later the GPS boards drop the CD (Carrier Detect) line, and 
> then the gps.exe program sends the private NMEA message.
> As soon as the ending <CR><LF> arrives the GPS turns CD back on and 
> restarts the configured NMEA messages.
> If this sequence is required by default, then it must also be possible 
> to turn off such very non-standard GPS behavior, right?
> Terje
I've started collecting my info on the board at:
Like to add? ( wiki style )

did you see my link to bt747:

slightly opaq java stuff : but some info on sendable string


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