[ntp:questions] Help getting IRIG working

Hal Murray hal-usenet at ip-64-139-1-69.sjc.megapath.net
Sun Apr 3 06:31:20 UTC 2011

> The clock puts out all of its signals on BNC.  I'm not clear on the
> "nomral" assumptions with such wiring; for example, does one normally
> connect everything with BNC-T's, with the first and last T terminated
> with a 50ohm resister, or should I just connect direct through?

It's audio you don't need any terminations to avoid reflections.
(Well maybe if you have a few spools of coax in your setup.)

>This is where its perhaps most problematic for me...how do I know
>what's wrong with the input?  How do I know what the input is supposed
>to do?  It seems, for example, level adjustment is just guess-and-test
>with no way to know if I'm making it better or worse..how should one
>normally do this?

The driver adjusts the gain.  That value shows up in clockstats.
Find it and watch it as you experiment.  It should go to 255 when
you disconnect the signal.

As Dave Mills said, you will probably need an external attenuator to
reduce the volume to a reasonable range.  I used clip leads and resistors
until I found something that worked.

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