[ntp:questions] NTP 4.2.6p3 multicast server not visible in orphan peer to peer mode?

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Tue Apr 5 09:41:28 UTC 2011

On 4/3/2011 6:30 PM, Wu, Bailey wrote:
> I have an isolated ntp network with 2 servers running
>  ntp 4.2.6p3. Clients run various other version of ntp.
> My problem is to do with the servers and 2 HPUX multicast client.
> The 2 servers are setup in orphan mode and are peer'd
>  with each other. While running server 1 will eventually
>  synchronise with server 2, which I guess must have the
>  better clock.
> In addition the servers are BOTH configured as multicast
>  servers to output via two network interfaces.
> The HPUX clients are connected to both the servers
> (all interfaces), so I would think the HPUX clients
>  would see 4 sources of multicast, but they do not.
> If server 1 synchronises with server 2 then the HPUX
>  clients will only see 2 server 1 sources and vice
>  versa if server 2 is sync'd with server 1.
> This means when one of the servers goes down the HPUX
>  clients are not able to select another source to
>  synchronise with.
> My question is whether ntp in orphan peer to peer mode will automatically disable one of the servers multicast if it is the primary server? The HPUX clients have ntp 3.5f.

I'm running 4.2.7p128 on a doz M$ Win and a few Linux.
 They all see & use each other each other via manycast,
  {even more so when they are routinely isolated from the internet,
    (but not each other, for the most part)}.

  Config(s) {at the moment, in general}:

# ---------|---------|---------| Organization NTP Clients
setvar access_policy = "NTP Manycast / Multicast LAN Client" default

statsdir /var/log/ntpstats/
driftfile /var/lib/ntp/ntp.drift
keys /etc/ntp/ntp.keys
trustedkey 1

restrict -4 default limited kod nomodify notrap
restrict -6 default limited kod nomodify notrap
restrict ::1
restrict mask nomodify
restrict source nomodify

tos floor 2 cohort 1 orphan 11

manycastclient key 1 preempt prefer
multicastclient key 1 preempt prefer

# Organization NTP Servers
server margo.anitech-systems.net key 1 iburst preempt prefer minpoll 9 # 8min

# UpStream ISP Stratum 2 Servers
server ntpB.isp.invalid iburst minpoll 11 # 30min

# OS Vendor Servers
server ntp.os.invalid iburst minpoll 12 # 1hr

# Regional NTP Pool Servers
server us.pool.ntp.org iburst preempt minpoll 10 # 15min

# ---------| Organization NTP Servers, add to the above client config
setvar access_policy = "via pool.ntp.org / Multicast Server" default

tos minsane 4 minclock 6 maxclock 20 floor 1 cohort 1 orphan 11

# Other Stratum 2 Servers
server ntp1.other.invalid iburst minpoll 10 # 15min
server ntp2.other.invalid iburst minpoll 10 # 15min

# Other Stratum 1 Servers
server ntpA.isp.invalid iburst minpoll 10 # 15min
server ntp.nist.invalid iburst minpoll 10 # 15min

I intentionally didn't use pool e.g
 pool us.pool.ntp.org iburst preempt minpoll 10 # 15min
  as I didn't want them spinning up more than 1 from the pool,
  rather them filling in up to maxclock with manycasts.

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