[ntp:questions] NTP 4.2.6p3 multicast server not visible in orphan peer to peer mode?

Wu, Bailey Bailey.Wu at thalesgroup.com.au
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Yes the HP-UX clients are running xntp3.5f and yes I know it is a really old version. But I it runs on a production machine which I have no control over. Upgrading the clients are unlikely due to the applications they run, which depend on ntp to some extent. I'm am only starting to explore the system. 

It's interesting to note that with ntp4.2.0 the clients are able to see all 4 sources, but the configuration files 4.2.0 does not seem to work with the newer version of ntp (4.2.6p3).

I find it difficult to configure ntp properly with the current hardware setup we have just by searching of forums online and would really appreciate some expert comments.


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Are these the xntp3.5f HP-UX clients you mentioned?

You realize that xntp3.5f was released in April of '96, and we have had
over 12 significant releases of the codebase since then, right?

If you need support for older versions of NTP, we can help with that.


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