[ntp:questions] Sure GPS: Programming it now works

Terje Mathisen "terje.mathisen at tmsw.no" at ntp.org
Fri Apr 8 08:57:36 UTC 2011

Uwe Klein wrote:
> Terje Mathisen wrote:
>> I have tested and verified that at least my Sure board does not allow
>> me to ask for most of the 19 NMEA sentences listed in the 314 command:
>> Turning on all actually resulted in 5 or 6.
>> I'll try again after first setting the board to 38400 baud. (Maybe it
>> only allows those sentences that actually fit inside the output window?)
> just toggle on one sentence at a time ?

I can try that as well, but it really does seem like this is the full 
list of what you can get (notice PMTKCHN has room for up to 32 sats!)


What I have found though, by trial & error, is that my board can run at 
a little over 3 Hz:

I can ask for any update interval from 307 ms and up, so 333 ms is fine.

When I ask for 200 ms (5Hz) I get a '2' response, i.e. command was OK 
but could not be executed.

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