[ntp:questions] Windows time question.

DaveB g8kbv at uko2.co.uk
Wed Apr 20 08:19:07 UTC 2011

Hi All.

Due to my wandering use of a laptop for, "work" (cough!)   Often away 
from the office, and our server, but with local internet access (Hotel 
WiFi etc).

What UK based "RELIABLE" (cant emphasize that enough) UK time server(s) 
would the group recomend I point Windows time sync' to?

At the moment, I've told it to use the UK pool, but from the random 
errors I get, I suspect not all the pool servers are happy with a 
Windows box (XP SP3) using them.

Has the registry entry details.

Also relating to the command line function "net time":-

C:\Program Files\Support Tools>net time /querysntp
The current SNTP value is: uk.pool.ntp.org

and the dialog in the toolbar time setting tool.  (Internet Time tab.)

At the mo as above I have  uk.pool.ntp.org  setup, and 
"DailySpecialSkew" selected.

According to MS, at first it tries once every 45 mins, when one good 
sync is found, it then drops to once a day

but as above, sometimes the pool server that responds seems to do 
something odd, and kill (or seriously destabilize) W32Time as a result.

At least, looking in the system error and info logs, after recovering 
from a lockup, it's related to W32Time going bad, not long after first 
boot of the day.

Using this same machine at home, it hapily uses either of my NTP servers 
(one, Meinberg on Win2k, and the other on FreeBSD) there are no issues.

And in the office, it will of course happily use the office server if 
told to.

Idea's brickbats etc welcome...



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