[ntp:questions] Windows time question.

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Fri Apr 22 20:59:43 UTC 2011

Richard B. Gilbert wrote:
>> GPS PPS is fine for me, thank you, but then my
>>  timekeeping wants/needs are not the question being
>>  addressed. What is being addressed is whether or not
>>  the developers of ntpd "doubts the accuracy, legitimacy,
>>  etc. of pool services"
> Perphaps this is a recently introduced bug!  I don't recall
>  ever hearing about such a thing until the last two or
>  three days.

I think some people's thought process are coming up with
 reasons for why things are the way they are;
 some that likely, really aren't relevant.

 I think it is a stretch, to say, that the NTPd maintainers
  think you need to use 10 pool servers to be able to get
  reliable stable synchronization.

Perhaps some of the post 4.2.7p22 (April 2010) changes,
  to the way the pool command is implemented,
  are not what other expect / desire;

 Perhaps it could be improved?

 Perhaps in 4.2.7 the maxclock default could be lower than 10?

 Perhaps the new 4.2.7 pool features need to be better documented?

I doubt there is any reason for hysteria.

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